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A selection of tried & tested recipes from countries competing in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, Eurovision (drinking) games and playlists for your Eurovision party.

Our Eurovision inspired cocktail recipes:

Scooch Hooch

Mission Eurovision make no secret and no apologies about how much we love Scooch. It was only fitting that we created a cocktail in their honour.

Lucie in the Skie

It's our signature cocktail for the UK's 2017 entry! The cinnamon liquor has real edible gold flakes that sparkle like diamonds - this cocktail has winner written all over it.
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The latest Eurovision party food ideas:

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The latest Eurovision party drinks ideas:

Heat of the Heart

Rich, smooth and complex in flavour this blackcurrant based cocktail is basically grown-up Ribena. Similar in style to a Manhattan.

Bulgarian Flag

Hoist your colours! The Bulgarian Flag shooter is complex in both build and taste but the results are worth it!

Melon Splice

Tropical, juicy, ice-cold creamy goodness in a glass! The Melon Splice tastes as fantastic as it looks.
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Tiny Toads

These Tiny Toads are perfect for parties. Baked in a muffin tray with little cocktail sausages, they're quick and easy to whip up. Best served hot.
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