Mission Eurovision / The ultimate Eurovision party planner.

A selection of tried & tested recipes from countries competing in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, Eurovision (drinking) games and playlists for your Eurovision party.

Our Eurovision inspired cocktail recipes:

Stiff Richard

Being the icon that he is, Mission Eurovision wanted to create a special cocktail in Sir Cliff's name and so we bring you... the Stiff Richard.

Scooch Hooch

Mission Eurovision make no secret and no apologies about how much we love Scooch. It was only fitting that we created a cocktail in their honour.
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The latest Eurovision party food ideas:

Potato bourekas

Delicious little savoury puffs of potato and pastry! A popular street food in Israel, these flaky bourekas are incredibly simple to make but packed full of flavour.

Baked camembert

Sometimes the best things in life are just really, really simple. Like a baked camembert cheese. We like it with garlic and rosemary - a holy union of flavours.
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The latest Eurovision party drinks ideas:

Heat of the Heart

Rich, smooth and complex in flavour this blackcurrant based cocktail is basically grown-up Ribena. Similar in style to a Manhattan.

Bulgarian Flag

Hoist your colours! The Bulgarian Flag shooter is complex in both build and taste but the results are worth it!
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Tiny Toads

These Tiny Toads are perfect for parties. Baked in a muffin tray with little cocktail sausages, they're quick and easy to whip up. Best served hot.
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