Eurovision 2021 Scorecards

We know what we like, and we know what we don’t like, and we’re pretty sure that the criteria WE use isn’t the same as the jury. Join us in being your very own Judgey McJudge-Face with the Mission Eurovision scorecards!

How to play

Well, this one is pretty simple. You’re going to award marks out of 10 in each of our special categories:

BOP-ABILITY: How much of a bop, a banger, a CHOON the song is! Makes you wanna (dirty) dance!
GIVES ME ALL THE FEELS: Does it make you all warm and fuzzy inside? Does it make you delirious with joy? Does it make your heart ache – and not just because you ate ALL the sausage rolls?
OUTFITS BE SNATCHED: Category is: FIERCE! Dressed to impress, and not a nip-slip in sight.
FLAWLESS PERFORMANCE: On a scale of Jemini to Conchita, how much did they NAIL IT?

Add up the totals to give each act a score out of 40, then share your top 5 with us on Twitter @mssneurovision!

Before & after semi-finals

If you’re like us and eagerly anticipate the semi-finals, we offer scorecards for the Tuesday & Thursday shows. We highly recommend watching these, as most of our favourite acts don’t make it past this round.

We also have a scorecard for Saturday’s grand final!