About Mission Eurovision

Ya we love Eurovision OK

Hello, we’re Ana & Karis. We’re sisters and, no matter where we’ve been living in the country (and now split across continents), have always watched Eurovision together – either in the same room at a party or via constant ‘OMG’ text messages.

It’s time to share our love for Eurovision with the rest of the UK (and the world!).

Why Eurovision?

Because it’s the greatest night of the year!


No. Get off our website.

What’s the story?

We launched this website in early 2016 and had a whirlwind first year, creating & testing over 100 recipes from participating countries, seeing thousands of downloads of our Eurovision Bingo cards and even taking in the live semi-finals in Stockholm.

2017 was bigger and better, with the launch of our Eurovision inspired cocktails, then in 2018 we took #missioneurovisionbingo to Twitter @mssneurovision so everyone could play with us!

This year we’re now settled into our position as the ultimate Eurovision party planning tool – we want to make your night as fabulous as possible!

Contact details

General queries: hello@missioneurovision.co.uk

Ana: ana@missioneurovision.co.uk
Karis: karis@missioneurovision.co.uk

Catch us on Twitter @mssneurovision