Eurovision 2020 Bingo

Check back in April 2020 for our updated Eurovision Bingo!

Bingo is a party favourite at Mission Eurovision! Get out your dibbers, your dabbers, your dobbers and mark off the items on your Mission Eurovision bingo card as the action occurs.

How to play

It’s Bingo!

For those who need a refresher… you simply mark off the items when you see them on your screen. If you manage to mark off every box, yell out “Bingo!”. We like to offer prizes for one completed line, two completed lines, and the triumphant full house.

You may need to agree on an adjudicator who will make those tough calls on the night, e.g. “Is that pleather? Or leather?”. This position holds great responsibility, so pick wisely.

8 different bingo cards

You can download 8 different bingo cards for your party, for free! We update our cards to include the best of this year’s host country, theme and entrants. Don’t worry – the classics are there too, along with a few hopeful items.