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Right, it’s still not big and it’s still not very clever! Howevs, we know that for some a drinking game is an essential part of your Eurovision party and while our first sentence might sound a bit Judgey McJudgeFace, we’re all up for you doing you, boo.

Because we can’t hack it these days, and because we care about your livers and are trying oh so hard to be a little more responsible, we’ve revised our ‘classic’ Eurovision drinking game.

At no point should any of this drinking game idea be taken as an instruction! This is our suggestion for how you may wish to participate in such an activity – please do visit our responsible drinking page if you would like further information. 


Print out one of our Mission Eurovision bingo cards. You could even bring up our play online version on a monitor or second TV screen – and make sure that it’s viewable for all of your guests.

The rules

Start watching the show! As soon as you see one of the items from the bingo card happen or appear on screen, do the ‘EURO-VISION’ hand gesture made famous by The Roop or pick your own action – put your finger on your nose, cross your legs, close one of your eyes etc.


The last person to complete the agreed action should either take a sip of their drink, or carry out a forfeit.

You can agree your own list of forfeits with your guests, or could choose from the list below. We like to write these on little slips of paper and have them picked out of a hat!

Still looking for the OG classic drinking game? Step right this way…