Mission Eurovision’s 2017 Party

Mission Eurovision bingo

We’re back again after our much needed post-Eurovision break. We love Eurovision, we really do, but it isn’t healthy to wake up every morning and start singing songs that didn’t even make it through to past Eurovision finals. Like 2016’s ‘I Didn’t Know’ by Serhat. Every. Single. Morning.

It’s time to look back at the party we threw at Mission Eurovision HQ in 2017. One of us went all in and sampled every Eurovision inspired cocktail, and the other stuck to juice all night. I’m the latter one, hence why I’m writing this post, because I’m not sure my sister remembers anything from the night.

The most important thing we learned during the Eurovision 2017 final: when we say “definitely don’t do more than one of these” on the Vodka Serduchka recipe, we mean it.

Party props

Our ‘costumes’ this year were pretty simple, opting for beautifully hand-crafted Verka hats in honour of Ukraine’s most wonderful gift to the world. Our guests brought a variety of dishes from our website, including potato bourekas (Israel), Nidi di Rondine (San Marino) and a mountain of delicious ćevapčići (Serbia).

Eurovision spread

As for the songs? Well, we were pretty chuffed to score any points in our first post-Brexit referendum year, and a whopping 111 at that. And even though we were devastated that the fantastic Slavko didn’t even make it to the final, it was glorious to see one of our favourites win the show.

Now we’re getting ready to do it all over again this year. Maybe without the Vodka Serduchkas this time.