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Party Tips

Our new Eurovision Inspired drinks

Cocktails & mocktails for your eurovision 2023 party
We love coming up with cocktails inspired by our favourite Eurovision acts and songs. We’re so excited that the UK is hosting on behalf of Ukraine in 2023, we’ve created lots of new ones this year!

There’s no real ‘process’ involved; we either make a cocktail we like and think about how we can play with the name to make it sound like an act or song title we love, or the name will come to us (Soft Fruit Hallelujah, for example) and we’ll see what kind of flavour profile might go with it. There is of course a taste test, purely in the interests of SCIENCE and QUALITY CONTENT.

Here are a few of our favourites from the 2023 release!

Raspberry Hatari
INSPIRED BY Hatari – Hatrið mun sigra (Iceland, 2019)
Sometimes we just know instantly that a song or an artist is going to be one that we fall in love with, and we certainly fell hard for Hatari. Angry, shouty, AND key changes, yes please. It’s a Raspberry Hatari, because we thought ‘Hatari’ sounds like ‘daiquiri’ if you say it quickly enough. Especially after a couple…
Think About Gins
INSPIRED BY Daði og Gagnamagnið – Think About Things (Iceland, 2020)
Bayyybeeee, I caaan’tt wait to knowwwwwwww, what doooo youu think about gins… We love Daði Freyr, we love gin! This was one where we had the name first, so hunted around for a nice gin-based cocktail and thought this one would taste delicious. It does! The zero percent gins available at the moment are pretty solid so this has a good no-alcohol option.
(Who the hell is) Hugo?
INSPIRED BY Teya & Salena – Who The Hell Is Edgar (Austria, 2023)

We had the elderflower cordial in for the Think About Gins, so had been looking at other cocktails we could make with it in and came across the classic Hugo. We tried to do that more this year; make multiple drinks with the same base ingredient or mixer rather than invest in lots of random spirits as money’s a bit tighter for all of us at the moment. The (Who the hell is) Hugo? can also be made as an alcohol free bev. We don’t know how this name came to us, but we’re happy that it did…

Cilla Colada
INSPIRED BY Cilla Black & Liverpool (ESC, 2023)
We took inspiration from some Liverpool legends too in 2023, to recognise it being the host city. Because we have to scroll really far when finding our date of birth on websites, we grew up with Cilla on our telly so just knew straight away we’d have to honour her legacy with a cocktail of her very own. Based on a coco colada, this has fast become a regular in our at-home repertoire, especially with the alcohol-free rum we found!
Sax on the Peach
INSPIRED BY Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira – Run Away (Moldova, 2010)
This was totally a drink first job! We’d been playing around with bourbon and peach flavours for a while after trying a democrat, but couldn’t really work the word ‘democrat’ into anything…. we love bourbon, we love Epic Sax Guy, it just kinda happened! Anyway, it’s delicious and we were super pleased with the smiley face the garnish made.
INSPIRED BY Mae Muller – I Wrote A Song (UK, 2023)
As it always has been and always shall be, we’ve created a drink to show our support for the UK entry. It’s gingery and minty and bubbly and alcohol free, what more do you need to know?