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Party Tips

Party food: buy prepared food online

Let the experts make the food for your Eurovision 2023 party!

Planning a Eurovision party needn’t be stressful. But we get it – on top of getting your fancy dress sorted, party area decorated and ice-cube trays in the freezer you may not feel like spending time in the kitchen making tasty treats, or even schlepping around the supermarket for Eurovision inspired deli goodies. Let’s face it, when we’re tired we’re heading for that middle aisle and coming home with a socket wrench and seven pairs of thermal long-johns…

Because we’re good to you, we’ve done the internet browsing so you can sit back with a cup of tea (a mimosa – Ana) and add some of these yumma meals to your online basket. Whether you want porky goodness in golden flaky pastry, insta-worthy charcuterie boards, a creamy roasted vegetable quiche or a wheat-free and vegan afternoon tea, we’ve found some of the best home-delivery options for you. 

Piglets Pantry Sausage Roll Box
Mini Sausage Roll Selection Box

We may have mentioned previously that we like sausage rolls. This box has 10 x mini sausage rolls and 10 x cheese & pickle sausage rolls. Plus they have a CUSTOMISABLE EDIBLE TOPPER – Eurovision 2023 – you know you wanna… 
Linky: £18 at www.pigletspantry.co.uk

Need a vegan option? No piggie, they’ve got you covered!
Vegan Rainbow Roll Box: £21 at www.pigletspantry.co.uk

Chunk of Devon Sausage Rolls
A Smashing Sausage Roll Selection!

Why we love these from Chunk of Devon: 1. We’re from Devon. 2. Hello, we’ve already declared our sausage roll love. 3. Erm, aren’t 1 & 2 enough?

This box has 12 ‘Chunki fellas’ which sounds like a great night to us.

Linky: £36 at www.chunkofdevon.co.uk

Spring Spanish Croquetas
Spring Spanish Croquetas by Jose Pizarro

Mmmm, cripsy gooey cheesey melty goldeny brown goodness. José Pizarro is described as the ‘Godfather of Spanish cooking’ (in the UK), so we figure these Croquetas are worth trying. For research, of course. 

Linky: £29 at dishpatch.co.uk

Homemade quiche from Legges
Homemade Quiche

Oh man, this Butcher’s and Delicatessen in Herefordshire has a great selection of treats. We all love a quiche at a Eurovision party!

Goat’s cheese and leek? Yes please! The roasted vegetable looks pretty awesome too… 

Linky: £6 each at www.leggesofbromyard.com

Greek Meze Experience from thecookaway
Greek Meze Experience

A delicious selection of salad and meat and cheese and prawns and pitta and dip! Serves 2-3, and a larger box is available too!

This menu was created by Masterchef UK Champion Irini Tzortzoglou. Takes about 90 minutes to prep & cook, but the bulk of the hard work is done for you.

Linky: £62 at www.thecookaway.com

Best of British Charcuterie and Cheese Selection Box
Best of British Charcuterie and Cheese Selection Box

Meat, good. Cheese, good. Breads, gooooooddddd.

A hand-picked selection of 5 different cured meats, 3 different Artisan cheeses, and crispbreads, all shipped in a chiller box for your party. 

Linky: £47.50 at www.thecharcuteriebox.co.uk

Mixed Meze by Bubala
Mixed Meze by Bubala

London restaurant Bubala serves a delicious all-vegetarian Middle Eastern menu, and now you can enjoy it at home! With labneh, hummus and signature potato latkes with garlicky toum. 

Linky: £60 at dishpatch.co.uk

Victoria Sponge from Bettys
Victoria Sponge Cake

It’s just a classic, yanow. 

Linky: £11 at www.bettys.co.uk

Afternoon Tea Picnic Hampers
Afternoon Tea Picnic Hampers

Delicious vegetarian, vegan, and wheat-free treats, with the option to add Prosecco!

Vegetarian: £44.99 at cutterandsquidge.com
Wheat Free* & Vegan: £34.90 at cutterandsquidge.com

*sadly not suitable for those with Coeliac disease or gluten allergies 

Traditional Tapas Box
El Clásico – Traditional Tapas Box

Cook at home in 25 minutes. Includes Champiñones Al Ajillo (garlic mushrooms), Patatas Bravas and Albondigas (meatballs with chorizo). We shouldn’t be writing this at lunchtime. So hungry. Legit drooling, this all looks amazing. Can we be our own plus one? 

Linky: £64.95 at tapasfusion.com

Greek Cypriot Mixed Platter
Greek Mixed Platter

Cooked to order Cypriot Koupes, Spanakopita & Olive Breads fresh from London. 

Linky: £30.50 at www.koupes.co.uk

L'Aperifeast box
L’Aperifeast - the one that explains itself

Agreed, this is on the pricey side, but it has EVERYTHING! Meats, cheeses, breads, antipasti, dips, chutneys & breads. You could always ask your guests to chip in a tenner each – we reckon this would serve plenty many. 

Linky: £165 at lincontro.co.uk