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Party Tips

Party food: Best European snacks

Eurovision 2023 is nearly here! Every party needs good snacks - here's a selection you can buy online.

Crisps are just the best, right? And biscuits, they’re pretty mega too. Once the performances are over and the televotes are in, you may need a little pick-me-up to see you through the half hour or so of all the votes being read out. Whether it be nerves, a dip in energy or one too many Martini Russos, some salty and sweet snacks should see you right!

Presenting the Mission Eurovision ‘list of online shops with great selections of crisps, nuts, chocolates and baked goods’! 

Dr Gerard Rurki Polish snacks

Why is it that the best crisps and crispy snacks are found when we’re on our holidays? Paprika flavours and pizza flavours on crunchy, salty, munchy treats are stuff of joy and legend. There’s plenty to choose from in this online store. Some of our favourites are:

Rurki/wafer tubes / £0.99 / Direct link
Paprika puffs / £1.29 / Direct link
Cheese, tomato & garlic crackers / £1.49 / Direct link
Cheese & onion crackers / £0.99 / Direct link

Browse more at www.dowozka.com

Danish snacks
Danish salt liquorice

Every now and again we suddenly remember we’re a quarter Danish and go ‘ooooh that must be why we like bacon so much’. Luckily we can sidestep those stereotypes and also remember the other delicious Danish snacks available. Check out some of our top picks from the Danish section of ScandiKitchen:

Dark chocolate covered marzipan / £3.99 / Direct link
Salty liquorice fish / £2.49 / Direct link
Chocolate rum balls / £2.49 / Direct link
Dill Dipmix / £1.29 / Direct link

Browse more at www.scandikitchen.co.uk

Portuguese goodies
Portuguese shoestring potato sticks

We could mainline pastéis de nata for HOURS. Sadly we can’t get them online, but here are some other good snacks from Portugal for your party:

Bolacha Maria (biscuits) / £1.14 / Direct link
Dr.Bayard Sweets / £1.38 / Direct link
Mini pastéis de feijao / £2.90 / Direct link
Salted fine-cut potato sticks / £1.29 / Direct link

Browse more at www.portugaliaonline.co.uk

Spanish nibbles
Spanish Ham Chips.

We could eat everything from this store! Our top picks are: 

Iberico Ham flavoured crisps / £4.60 / Direct link
Salted Comuna Almonds / £4.56 / Direct link
1kg of frozen cod croquettes / £14.84 / Direct link

Browse more at www.ibericafood.com

Finnish treats
Fazer liquorice hard boiled sweets

Better get used to Finnish food – reckon we might be seeing Eurovision 2024 there! Cha cha cha! 

Chocolate with liquorice / £2.49 / Direct link
Salt liquorice hard-boiled sweets / £2.29 / Direct link
‘Homesick Finn Gift Box’ – try a hand-picked selection of snacks / £39.99 / Direct link
Hartwell Original Long Gin Drink (is this a snack? Maybe not, ok, but it’s a classic treat) / £2.59 / Direct link

Browse more at www.scandikitchen.co.uk

Australian snacks
Vegemite & cheese shapes

Australia has gooooodddd snacks! We have recipes for Fairy Bread and some delicious Party Pies, both of which are perfect end of the night treats, but you can stock up on some other Australian goodies here. We recommend: 

Arnotts Tim Tams (goes without saying) / £3.55 / Direct link
Vegemite & Cheese Shapes / £2.85 / Direct link
Burger Rings / £2.15 / Direct link
Samboy Atomic Tomato crinkle cut crisps / £2.25 / Direct link

Browse more at www.sanza.co.uk