How to be the best guest at your friend’s Eurovision party

Party time

If you’ve been invited to a Eurovision party and want to make sure you’re the perfect guest, we’ve got some hints and tips for you right here!

Firstly, make sure you’re familiar with the rules. Especially rule number 1. We get that not everyone loves Eurovision but your host does and they want to share that with you so just go along with it. You might even enjoy it!

Ask your host what the theme is, and take some food and drink to the party. There are plenty of food recipes here that you can prepare in advance and bring with you. Our recipes are quite easy, but if you’re not confident in the kitchen or can’t be arsed you could pick up some cheeses and cracker breads from the supermarket. Find out if there are any spirits or mixers that you could pick up on the way to help with the cocktail making – there is never enough ice, mint or limes so you could take this instead. 

Try not to talk all the way through the songs, it is a song contest after all and you might miss a cheeky key-change and the opportunity to mark a square off your bingo card! Use the red button option on the BBC to put the subtitles on if you’re worried you won’t understand what they’re warbling on about, and use the time in between songs to talk about your job/kid at home with the babysitter/funny looking rash instead. Well, maybe not that last thing at all, it’s enough to put you right off your tapenade.

Make an effort and dress up for the party. If there’s a theme, your host might have some suggestions for you so don’t be afraid to ask. If it’s a general Eurovision vibe, we’ve got some ideas for you here and here

Finally, know your limits. Eurovision is a fun night, but it’s a long night. Drinking games are a huge Eurovision tradition but if you go in hard early doors you won’t make it through to the end to see Joe and Jake announced as the winners! You definitely don’t want to end up with your host having to clean up after you, so take it easy and secure yourself an invitation back for the following year!


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