Eurovision costume ideas: country puns

Dressing up can be a lot of fun, but it also takes a lot of effort when sometimes you just fancy doing something simple and understated. These pun-based ‘fancy dress’ costumes are easy to pull together and don’t require you to take out a second mortgage for enough tinfoil to look like Verka Serduchka.

Sir Beer (Serbia)

Insist on people calling you Sir all evening, and fashion a coat of arms for yourself from a beer label and attach it to your lapel/jumper/bare rugged chest. Carry a couple of cans around with you, and for bonus points don a top hat!

Mulled Over (Moldova)

Look deep in thought, and stroke your chinny chin chin for all your might. A deep sigh, and a wistful ‘hmmmm’ add to the effect as you mull over the UK’s chances of finishing in the top ten. It’s probably a bit late to grow a beard now if you don’t already have one, but a novelty stick on one would work just as well.

Arm ‘n’ ear (Armenia)

Cut out four cardboard arrows (cereal packets would work well) and attach safety pins to the pack using some sticky tape. Pin them to your top so that they point towards your arms and your ears. If going to the party as a twosome, one of you could be ‘arm’ and the other could be ‘ear’!

Hungry (Hungary)

Carry around a couple of large bags of crisps all night, and look sad that you can’t enjoy them whilst rubbing your belly.

Grease (Greece)

OK, so this one requires a little bit more effort. You could choose to dress up as Sandy & Danny, or buy one of these affordable Pink Lady fancy dress costumes. You’re bound to need it at a Stag Party or Hen Night at some point, so you may as well get one now!