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Regratova solata (Dandelion salad)

Slovenian dandelion salad with egg and pancetta
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Regratova solata, or dandelion salad, is a traditional Slovenian dish that has gained popularity in recent years. The salad is made with tender dandelion leaves & boiled potatoes, coated in a tangy dressing of vinegar & oil. Regratova solata is a light and refreshing salad that looks great in a party spread.


Some variations include ingredients such as hard-boiled eggs, onions, or radishes. Many use pumpkin oil, especially in the Styrian region of Slovenia. Young dandelions typically have a pleasantly bitter flavour that pairs well with savoury ingredients such as bacon or pancetta, while the addition of boiled potatoes adds a creamy texture to the dish.


This is such a pretty salad. Young dandelion leaves make a bed for boiled potatoes, boiled eggs and crispy pancetta. In this lovely recipe, Tina details when to pick dandelions to avoid any unwanted bitterness.