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Kyivskyi tort (Kyiv Cake)

Ukraine Kyiv Cake
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This popular cake from Ukraine consists of stacked layers of meringue, buttercream, and chopped hazelnuts, and is known for its delicate texture and rich flavour. Served up for special occasions, it’s a tasty party treat that will impress your guests.


It can take hours or even a full day to make this cake, as the different elements need time to bake and cool completely. It’s a labour of love, and your Eurovision party is worth it.

While we will happily devour a slice of Kyiv Cake, we are yet to attempt a full bake ourselves. Let’s hand over to the experts to see how it’s done:


This recipe is easy to follow and has fun colourful decoration! You’ll need 4 hours to make the cake and 4-6 hours in the fridge, so plan ahead. 


Olia Hercules’ indulgent cake is more lavish than the ones she grew up eating. Decorated with a dark chocolate ganache and hazelnut spikes, it’s a real showstopper cake.