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Skolebrød (Norwegian school bread)

Skolebrød - Norwegian school bread buns

Skolebrød/skoleboller, also known as Norwegian school bread, is a delicious and popular pastry that has been enjoyed in Norway for decades. With its fluffy sweet bun, creamy vanilla custard filling, and a sprinkle of coconut flakes, skolebrød is perfect for any party or celebration.


It’s no exaggeration to say skolebrød is one half of Mission Eurovision’s favourite treat. There may have even been a week long skolebrød tour across Norway, tasting at least three fresh versions every single day… for research, of course.

We originally made these for our website in 2016 and frequently make batches for special occasions, despite being mediocre bakers. We will update this recipe soon with our version and new images! 


Daytona is our Scandinavian baking hero, so we fully trust this recipe for skoleboller split into 3 parts: the cardamom buns, a vanilla pastry cream, and the final assembly into these delicious sweet school buns


This vegan recipe is easy to follow and uses turmeric and saffron in the dairy-free custard to achieve that same bright yellow middle