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Cherry Varenyky/Vareniki (Ukrainian dumplings)

Ukrainian Sour Cherry Dumplings (Varenyky) by annavoloshyna.com
© annavoloshyna.com

Cherry varenyky, or vareniki, is a popular dessert version of Ukraine’s famous boiled dumplings. Half moons of dough are filled with sweet or sour cherries and topped with a little sugar. They are a beloved part of Ukraine’s culinary heritage and a great addition to any Eurovision party!


In the past, varenyky were typically filled with potatoes, cheese, or sauerkraut, but over time, fruit fillings like cherry became popular, especially during the summer months when fresh fruits are abundant.

Like most traditional dishes with a long history, recipes will vary from town to town, and house to house. Let’s hand over to the experts to see how it’s done: 


A no fuss recipe here from Anna Voloshyna, author of ‘BUDMO! Recipes from a Ukrainian Kitchen’. You’ll use 1lb of frozen sour cherries to fill the dough. 


A history of Lena Sutherland’s journey to opening ‘Lena’s Ukrainian Kitchen’ in Hull, with a simple recipe for her childhood staple sour cherry varenyky.