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Camembert au four (baked Camembert)

Baked Camembert from France
This French classic is a simple yet delicious dish that’s always a crowd-pleaser. Baked until warm and gooey, Camembert cheese pairs perfectly with crusty bread or crackers for dipping.

You can go wild with baked Camembert for your party – the toppings options are endless. Keep it classic with garlic, herbs and oil, or try some nuts and honey. Branch out a little with some Calvados or fruit preserves. Hell, you can even skip the Camembert and try the vegan option below, it sounds delicious! 


The classic baked Camembert, with rosemary and/or thyme and some walnut bread. 


This ‘boozy baked Camembert’ adds a honey and brandy drizzle on top for an indulgent treat. 


We’re really intrigued by this vegan baked Camembert recipe! Made with cashews and nutritional yeast, it looks the part, even without any animal products.