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Bigilla (Broad Bean Dip)

Bigilla Broad Bean Dip from Malta
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Had you spoken to us a few weeks ago, a broad bean dip wouldn’t be our first choice for a party. That’s all changed now we’ve tried Bigilla from Malta. The cool blend of herbs and kick from red chillies combine beautifully with the mashed up broad beans to produce a refreshingly tasty dip. Plus it’s mega healthy, so that’s always a bonus.


Bigilla is made from mashed or pureed dried broad beans, also known as ‘ful tal-Ġirba’ in Maltese, which are cooked until they become very soft. You will need to start soaking the beans the day before you make the dip, so plan ahead.

We originally made this for Mission Eurovision back in 2016 and it was an instant hit. Now we’re handing over to the experts who share their own variations and techniques.


This is an easy-to-follow recipe for Bigilla with red chilli, accompanied by a recipe for Galletti (Maltese Water Crackers). We’re salivating just looking at these photos. Yes please! 


Marlene Zammit recommends soaking the beans with bicarbonate of soda to help soften the beans. No chillies in this one to make it kid-friendly, but instead you get the extra flavour from capers and lemon juice.