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Ajvar (Balkan aubergine & pepper spread)

Balkan aubergine and pepper dip - Ajvar

This Balkan delight is a roasted red pepper and aubergine spread that will have your guests raving. It’s sweet, slightly smoky, and pairs perfectly with bread, crackers, or vegetables.


Ajvar is easy to make and best prepared ahead of time – most recipes are for big batches so you can fill multiple jars to enjoy year round! Serve with Ćevapčići for a delicious Balkan Eurovision treat!


This recipe from Malou’s host in Bosnia is delightfully detailed and scaled down slightly for a more modest yield. Red peppers are boiled with hot chillies, resulting in a spicy relish you can serve with everything. 


Red peppers and aubergines are roasted before sealing in bags to cool overnight. The next day the ajvar is cooked for over 3 hours, requiring almost constant stirring. Enjoy! 


This simple recipe takes just over 2 hours, with roughly 30 minutes of constant stirring. Consider this a base and add extra ingredients to match personal preferences.