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Ajika with courgettes

Ajika spicy dip from Georgia
Ajika is a very hot and spicy dip used to flavour lots of different foods in Georgia. Despite the combination of big flavours, with red chillies, garlic and a mix of herbs, it all blends together into a super burst of H E A V E N.

We first made ajika back in 2016 and it’s been a staple at our Eurovision parties since – it’s a very moreish heat. The recipe we used suggested to serve it with griddled courgettes, so that’s been our go-to accompaniment, but you could also serve with crackers, breads, any other vegetables, any other meats… anything. Man, just put it on everything. 


Our favourite – this is the first recipe we found for ajika made with walnuts and we’ve stuck with it. These courgette slices are unassuming but packed full of punch. Mmm. More please!


This is a different type of ajika, made with tomatoes and a lot (a lot) of red chillies.