Where to buy: 2018 drinking vessels

Part of the fun of making cocktails for your Eurovision party is serving them up in novelty glasses. Here’s this year’s round-up of our favourite drinking vessels…

Drinking vessels

1. We love this cute ocean coloured water bottle, it’s perfect for pretending you’re a pirate with a bottle of rum. We suggest making up a delicious Orang-a-Boom-a-Tang-a-Bang full of rummy goodness, and then you can keep this great reusable bottle for actual sensible water drinking too.
Hip Ocean Water Bottle / www.oliverbonas.com / £15

2. Insulated for keeping your cocktails cool, with a nifty lid to prevent spills staining your cream living room rug (hey, wouldn’t that have been handy, Eurovision 2017 party guests?!). This would be great for festival season too, and is available in a range of awesome colours.
To-Go Wine Tumbler / www.urbanoutfitters.com / £16

3. These tiki glasses are just perfect for rum rum rummy rum cocktails, and made to put one of our Help You Fly-Tais in.
To-Go Wine Tumbler / www.lakeland.co.uk / £16

2018 drinking vessels

4. A disco watermelon. because why wouldn’t you want this? Spotting a bit of a theme with lidded drinking vessels this year…
Disco Watermelon Sipper Cup / www.urbanoutfitters.com / £12

5. Seeing as Eurovision 2018 is being held in Lisbon, we couldn’t overlook these adorable port sippers. Mainly because we do enjoy a drop of port every now and again, but also because they look pretty fun and this set would be a great centre-piece for our party table.
Port Sipper Set With Four Sippers / www.drinkstuff.com / £19.99