Help You Fly-Tai


Learn to Fly Tai

I will help you learn how to fly, how to flyyyyyyyyyyyy-yyyyyyy. And repeat. Times a million. Several years on and we’re still singing this song! Despite the disappointment of Ivan not actually performing naked with real wolves, Belarus’ 2016 entry was a firm Mission Eurovision favourite and we had a full on strop when it didn’t get through to the live finals. IKR?

Although not carrying as much prestige as being in the finals, we hope Ivan and the team will be somewhat consoled with our interpretation of a mai-tai in their honour. We think it’s delicious.

STRENGTH: 3/5   /   SWEETNESS: 3/5   /   DIFFICULTY: Medium

2 measures golden rum*
1/2 measure triple sec
3/4 measure fresh lime juice
1/2 measure amaretto
1/4 measure sugar syrup**

*we recommend Havana Club 7 for this recipe
**there are many recipes online for making your own, or you can buy a bottle for under a fiver
To serve
Old fashioned glass
Crushed ice
2 mint leaves
  • 1.

    Fill your cocktail shaker with ice, and add the ingredients

  • 2.

    Shake it!

  • 3.

    Strain into an old fashioned glass filled with crushed ice and garnish with a couple of mint leaves

INSPIRED BY… IVAN with ‘Help You Fly’. Belarus, 2016.
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