Vinegret (Ukrainian beetroot salad)

Ukrainian beet salad Vinegret from Tatyana's Everyday Food

Vinegret, or Vinaigrette, is a popular comfort food in many post-Soviet countries. Beetroots, potatoes, carrots and pickles are chopped up and dressed in sunflower oil for this zingy alternative to other creamy potato salads. It adds a great pop of colour to your party buffet too!


While it’s hard to pinpoint the exact origins of this dish, it’s long been a popular part of Ukrainian cuisine. Vegetables can be boiled, pickled or from a tin –  just cut them up nice and small so they can be coated in the dressing.

Here’s how the experts recommend you make this salad:

This detailed recipe has options for roasting or boiling the vegetables, and has an optional creamy dressing too. There’s even a video for step-by-step instructions – perfect to get you through that ‘it’s almost party time and we don’t have a salad yet’ panic.

Recipe developer Alexandra Shytsman talks to Edible Manhattan about “The Other Ukrainian Beet Dish” and shares a simple recipe to rustle up the dish.