Piadina con Prosciutto e Formaggio

San Marino Piadina
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This delicious flatbread stuffed with tasty prosciutto and cheese, typically squacquerone, will be a hit at any party. While piadina is not exclusive to San Marino, it is considered a traditional food in the country and is often sold as a popular street food.

We first posted this to our website way back in 2016 and frequently pull together a cheeky flatbread sandwich with prosciutto, rocket and ricotta.

Now we’re handing over to the experts to share how to make piadina from scratch for a truly authentic dish! 


We have to turn on Google Translate for this one. This is a quick and easy recipe for piadina with prosciutto, rocket and squacquerone cheese. You could also try a Stracchino or Crescenza cheese depending on what’s available near you. 


A traditional recipe handed down through generations, with step-by-step photos.


This calls for a longer resting time, so allow yourselves over an hour to prepare this recipe.