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Flødeboller (chocolate coated marshmallows)

Danish chocolate coated marshmallow puffs
© skandibaking.com
These delightful treats boast a fluffy, meringue dome on top of a biscuit or marzipan base, all coated in chocolate. Easy to pop in your mouth between songs, they’re a sweet addition to any Eurovision party.

The word “flødeboller” translates to “cream buns” in English, but the name is misleading as they, surprise surprise, do not actually contain any cream.

Danish Flødeboller often come in unique flavours like passionfruit, raspberry, and liquorice. 


This recipe guides you through a biscuit/cookie base for your light meringue dome. Tempering the chocolate is the tricky bit – follow the temperatures detailed here to give it a good shot. 


A different technique here, using moulds to shape the chocolate first. This recipe makes a marzipan base for a sweet almond kick. This is potentially a more delicate affair, but the results will be worth it.