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Party Tips

Eurovision icon: Chris from Jemini

We asked our Eurovision icons to share their top Eurovision party tips

Twenty years ago at Eurovision 2003, Liverpool’s very own Jemini performed the bop-tastic ‘Cry Baby’ and cemented their place in Eurovision history! (Let’s whisper this bit… they were the first UK act to score no points. But everyone hated the country that year for reasons.)

Sound issues aside, we love the dance moves, that CLAPPY BIT, and the classic early 2000s wallet chain. 

To celebrate Eurovision’s visit to their home city and the twenty years since their participation, Jemini are back with a new single! AND lovely Chris got to chat with us about Eurovision parties! 

Which former Eurovision contestant would you invite to your party as a surprise guest?

It would have to be Loreen just so she could perform for us!

Which Eurovision performance from any year would you want to recreate with your guests?

Verka Serduchka From Ukraine 2007 - the outfits, the song, the moves, pure Eurovision!

How would you convince your non-Eurovision fan friends to attend your party?

That I'd promise to not sing to them! Ha ha

How would you decorate your place for the party?

Keep it low key but make an effort with food and drink from different countries

What's the funniest behind-the-scenes story from your Eurovision experience that you would tell your guests?

Drinking a glass of wine after each country's votes came in! I ended up on a mechanical swan in a pool backstage with a Union Jack flag over my head!

If you could only serve one Eurovision-themed cocktail at your party, what would it be?

It's got to be Bucks Fizz! Or a Nil Points mocktail with zero alcohol!

You have to do a karaoke version of a Eurovision song at your party - which one are you choosing?

Heroes by Måns Zelmerlöw - love that tune, it's up there with Euphoria as one of my all time faves!