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Party Tips

Eurovision icon: Russ from Scooch

We asked our Eurovision icons to share their top Eurovision party tips

It’s no secret that Scooch’s ‘Flying The Flag’ is the epitome of Eurovision for us at Mission Eurovision. 2007 was a very strong year – it gave us Verka Serduchka (Ukraine), The Ark (Sweden) and Les Fatals Picards (France) – but sadly Europe wasn’t quite on the ball and failed to give Scooch their much deserved win. 

As we always like to remind him – Russ from Scooch, you’re our winner! In return, he’s kindly agreed to share some Eurovision party tips with you. What a hero. Douze points!

Which former Eurovision contestant would you invite to your party as a surprise guest?

I think I'd have to go for Ray Caruana from the UK's 1989 outfit Live Report. Firstly to have a general catch up and secondly to reiterate to him that contrary to his song - he doesn't always get it wrong - he came 2nd place! And what a vocal Ray!

Which Eurovision performance from any year would you want to recreate with your guests?

1983's 'I'm Never Giving Up' by Sweet Dreams. Superb pastel athletic wear and intricate stool dancing

How would you convince your non-Eurovision fan friends to attend your party?

Entice them with the chance of a potential meet with X Factor's favourite bin man Andy Abraham

Which previous Eurovision contestant would you dress up as?

I'm gonna have to go for 1987's Rikki, you've got to love the white bolero jacket with tartan lapel (a nod to his Scottish heritage). I'm not Scottish but it looks cool

How would you decorate your place for the party?

Lots of flags

If you could have any Eurovision prop at your party what would it be?

The double grand pianos used by Lynsey de Paul & Mike Moran in 1977's 'Rock Bottom' - I think they would be a real talking point

What's the funniest behind-the-scenes story from your Eurovision experience that you would tell your guests?

Having a barney with Verka Serduchka's mother when she refused to give me my paddle back

If you could only serve one Eurovision-themed cocktail at your party, what would it be

Do you need to ask? Martini Russo of course

You have to do a karaoke version of a Eurovision song at your party - which one are you choosing?

Ballie's 'One Step Out of Time' what a tune - and no one can resist the iconic chorus double air punch

What snacks would you serve?

I think I'd keep it simple and go back to my youth with some 'Teenage Life' inspired snacks: bowls of Monster Munch, Sunny Delight on tap, Findus Crispy Pancakes for half time, and to finish some Vienetta for anyone that wants

Finally, if you had to sum up your Eurovision viewing party in one word, what would it be?