Our top 10 Eurovision 2017 entries: part two

Following on from part one, here are the remaining five songs from our top 10 Eurovision 2017 entries, including the wonderful Lucie Jones for Royaume-Uni…

Norway: JOWST – Grab The Moment

Ana: Expect me to be playing this song a lot over the summer. Some good hat game going on too. Worryingly, my google search history now includes the phrase ‘black studded LED gimp mask’.
Karis: Came here for the weird masks (that made me think of Ghost), stuck around for the catchy pop song. It’s not quite a Fairytale, but this is definitely a top half of the board entry.

Romania: Ilinca feat. Alex Florea – Yodel It!

Ana: Ahaaa. Ahahahah. Yodelling. AND RAPPING. Amazing. I don’t know what else you want from Eurovision. Glorious.
Karis: This is probably the closest we’ll get to a true Eurovision song this year. She is FIERCE, too.

Montenegro: Slavko Kalezić – Space

Ana: I think I like him more than the song. I mean, come on. Mute it and listen to Deen instead.
Karis: Oh Slavko! New pop anthem! I’ll be turning this one up (hey Ana, no muting allowed!) and whipping my hair if it makes it to the final. Which it should, because Slavko.

Moldova: SunStroke Project – Hey Mamma!

Ana: Crank it! This has a ‘start of the night, getting ready to go out, doing shots’ kind of feel. Where’s the vodka…
Karis: Heyyyy it’s epic sax guy!

United Kingdom: Lucie Jones – Never Give Up On You

Ana: Lucie has a belting voice, and this is a great pop song. I’ll probably do a little cry when she hits the big note. And then a great big cry WHEN SHE WINS!
Karis: 12 points to the United Kingdom! From everyone! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We love you Europe!


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