That sounds great, but, why?

Eurovision sisters The five words guaranteed to come out of the mouths of people I talk to about Mission Eurovision. I guess my general miserable demeanour (I suffer from CHRONIC resting bitch face) and well known love of going to real ale pubs / dodgy rock venues belies my love for the Eurovision Song Contest. More specifically, the joy I feel gathering with my friends and my sister to watch the show, play some games, and stuff our faces with potato and bacon based dishes.

The answer? In short, because Eurovision is EPIC. The longer, real, answer (now well rehearsed!) has its beginnings in Ashland, Oregon….

We like coffee. A lot. We like good coffee even more, and good coffee you can drive up and get from a shack that’s served with a white chocolate covered coffee bean on top is just pretty damned special. On our return from a caffeine fuelled visit to family in Ashland over 10 years ago, we decided that we would set up our own drive-thru coffee business back in the UK. We, ah, didn’t. We should have, turns out drive-thru coffee is pretty popular now.

We also like going to gigs and festivals together. At Download festival (2011) it was wet, and it was cold, and the last thing we wanted was a soggy burger or hot dog, or a tray of questionable chicken noodles. What we did want was hot apple crumble and custard, and on that day our mobile hot puddings venture that we would take to festivals, parties and street corners was devised. Only, um, we didn’t do that either and now EVERYONE does street food.

Clearly we know a good idea, but kind of suck at following through. We vowed that the next great idea we had, we would do it, no matter what it was.

So, at Download festival (2015) whilst reclining in the Royal Box – the popped up roof of my camper van Uncle Maury – Mission Eurovision was born. Wouldn’t it be great, we thought, if there was just one website you could go to when planing your Eurovision party and get all of the inspiration and decorations that you need? Thanks Malbec! But, we’d made a promise to ourselves that we would act on the next idea we had and now, eight months later, I’m so glad that we did.

It’s great fun for us to produce this website and we really hope that comes across. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll be as successful as the Middletons but for now, I’m just really glad you found us here!


Blog update

Hi! We’re still freshening up our blog design, so apologies if something doesn’t work as expected.