Rocket to the Stars

Suit is optional

Rocket to the stars cocktail

Oh, Slavko. We love Slavko. So much so that we’ve created this especially for him as we hear he’s quite fond of watermelon, fact fans! We also love gin. Lovely.

All together now…

“I have my suit on, no need to worry
Give me your body, let’s write a story
Our body language
Rocket to the stars”

STRENGTH: 2/5   /   SWEETNESS: 4/5   /   DIFFICULTY: Medium

200g watermelon, cubed
A small handful of basil leaves, torn
2 measures gin*
1/2 measure sugar syrup

*a dry, Plymouth gin works best
To serve
Martini glass
Watermelon wedge
  • 1.

    Put the watermelon in your cocktail shaker and muddle it

  • 2.

    Add ice and all of the ingredients

  • 3.


  • 4.

    Strain through a sieve (or a fine, cocktail strainer if you have one), garnish and serve

  • 5.

    Whip your hair back and forth

INSPIRED BY… Slavko Kalezić with ‘Space’. Montenegro, 2017.
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