Our top 10 Eurovision 2018 entries: part one

Even though it may come across like we’re not really Eurovision song experts, choosing instead to drink cocktails relating to artists’ names and dream up punny costumes, this very blog has now successfully chosen the winning songs for the past two years. That’s right. Does this mean we’re actually worthy of being on the jury? Probably.

Is the Eurovision 2018 winner featured below? We’ll put money on it! Here’s part one of our list of favourites…

Norway: Alexander Rybak – That’s How You Write A Song

Ana: The Rybak is Ry-back! This song has a lot of my favourite things in it; clappy bits, boogie woogie woogie, and a Eurovision legend. I anticipate much dancing to this one.
Karis: Aw, Rybak is here again, it’s a fairy tale. I’m very pleased to see him representing Norway again because it means the United Kingdom could also send Scooch back! Yes! This is a little Love Love Peace Peace, a slightly tongue-in-cheek step-by-step guide to writing a song. I like that. Very instructional. And, yes, the violin is back! Thrilled.

Belarus: Alekseev – Forever

Ana: I’m not sure why he’s swinging his arms around, dressed like Brett Anderson, in the hull of a ship but I do quite like it! This song has kind of a late night, sitting outside under a blanket, watching the stars, drinking red wine feel to it. Pretentious for short. But in a good way.
Karis: 2018’s indie dreamboat. Swoon. This is one of those songs that you’ll wake up singing one day, many months after Eurovision has passed, and it’ll stay in your head for the next couple of years. I’m very excited to see how he performs this live – I want some fist clenching, angsty hair grabbing and maybe a drop to the knees. Please.

Moldova: DoReDos – My Lucky Day

Ana: Starts awesome, finishes EVEN MOAR AWESOME. Super fun song.
Karis: Yayayayaya Moldova once again providing the goods! We’ll dance to this. A lot.

Czech Republic: Mikolas Josef – Lie To Me

Ana: OOoh another funky dance move à la Barei for me to master! Bit disappointed the filthy version won’t be making it through. Channelling Bruno Mars and Robin Thicke (in a non-assaulty way), Mikolas Josef has a great entry on his funky clappy hands. BRING ON THE TRUMPETS!
Karis: Well, this is definitely cleaner than the first version we heard. Ahem. Great little pop song. Surprised this isn’t Sweden’s entry, tbh.

United Kingdom: SuRie – Storm

Ana: It’s a bit bloody good this isn’t it? Eurovision 2018 is clearly the year of the clappy bit. For the third year in a row, genuinely hopeful for the UK. Go SuRie!
Karis: This was the clear winner of Eurovision: You Decide. It took us a bit by surprise, but SuRie demonstrated she can capture the crowd’s attention and deliver. I now find myself singing this around the house. Maybe it could win? Maybe.

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