Eurovision Greatest Hits: We Are The Winners (Lithuania, 2006)

Sadly, the prophecy didn’t come true for LT United. Looking like a gaggle of used car salesmen out on the piss after reaching their quarterly targets, LT United manage to make this part football chant / part gameshow tune SO DAMN CATCHY!

Despite the booing (for shame) this entry received We Are The Winners placed 6th overall, getting 12 points from Ireland and 10 points from the UK. And we know how to vote, vote, VOTE for a winner, 2006 was the year the UK gave 12 points to Lordi! Our entry, Daz Sampson with Teenage Life, followed the Lithuanians.

Clearly, having to follow such a phenomenal act placed Daz in the shadows leaving us to languish in 19th place. It had nothing to do with it being UTTER rubbish.

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