Eurovision Greatest Hits: Eastern European Funk (Lithuania, 2010)

Yo! We here at Mission Eurovision frequently (yes, frequently) go back through past Eurovision entries on YouTube to relive the magic. It’s all too easy to focus on the winners, so we’re going to bring you our own Eurovision Greatest Hits featuring some of the acts that didn’t bring home the crown

First up, it’s InCulto’s ‘Eastern European Funk’ from 2010. Would you believe this song didn’t even make it to the final? Maybe it was the sequinned shorts. Or the crotch grab. Or the hidden political message. Whatever the reason, it’s wrong! This ska-infused song is a total bop and regularly features on our pre-Eurovision party playlists while preparing our food.

We totally need some of those plaid trousers. We’ve nailed those dance-off moves already though. NAILED THEM.

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