Acts that should have represented the UK at Eurovision

It’s nearly time for the UK to vote for our Eurovision Song Contest 2016 entry. Next Friday the six shortlisted acts will perform in a live TV special from The 02 Forum in Kentish Town, and it’s up to the public to decide. In this post, we take a look back at the acts that came close to representing us, but didn’t quite make it…

Justin Hawkins and Beverlei Brown

It was always going to be tough going up against Scooch and the best Eurovision song ever, so it wasn’t a surprise that Justin and Beverlei didn’t make it through in 2007. ‘They Don’t Make ’em Like They Used To’ is still a great song though. Can they enter again? Justin is a total rock (and sex) god and would be guaranteed to come home with the title.

Do Re Mi & Kerry

OK, so they lost out to Katrina & The Waves who may have had a little success at Eurovision 1997, but had it been any other year, ‘Yodel in the Canyon of Love’ surely would have been our entry.


Thom Yorke told Jonathan Ross in 2003, “We really want to do it. We told our record company we’ll enter.

So what happened? Who put a stop to this? It’s so easy to picture Thom Yorke busting out some moves on that stage. Let them do it.

Duke and The Aces

No idea how this total bop ended up in 7th place in 1980’s ‘A Song for Europe’ contest. The rejection must have helped Paul Curtis though, as he went on to write winning entries ‘Love Games’ for Belle and the Devotions (1984), ‘Give a Little Love Back to the World’ for Emma (1990) and the classic ‘A Message to Your Heart’ for Samantha Janus (1991). This song’s a winner in our eyes though, Paul.

Jarvis Cocker

Another credible artist who’s previously thrown his hat into the ring. Back in 2007 (that golden year), Jarvis was quoted as saying “The door is always open if they want to ask me. I’ve always wanted to write one for them. Maybe I’ll do it next year.

We’re still waiting.

Katie Price (Jordan)

Showcasing yet another talent, Katie Price burst onto our TV screens on 2005’s ‘Making Your Mind Up’ in a hot pink catsuit while 6 months pregnant, ready to take her hit song ‘Not Just Anybody’ to Eurovision. Alas, the great British public failed to fully appreciate how AMAZING it was and voted to send Javine instead. WTF. We’re sure Katie would have picked up more than 18 points…


Well. Aren’t you just a little intrigued?


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