Our top 5 Eurovision 2021 songs!

We’re back baby! It’s Eurovision time again and we’re actually going to see a real life genuine song contest on our television! There will be singing! And dancing! And heartbreak when our favourite songs crash out in the semi-finals! Nature is healingggggggg…

Maybe this is the year we get it right and predict the winner. Brace yourselves… it’s the Mission Eurovision top five:


After many years of hearing songs at Eurovision that threaten a big fat drop and then never deliver, this song is an absolute JOY. It’s moody, beguiling, intoxicating and makes me want to throw my arms around in the air as if they’re independent from my body – my signature dance move since 1995. AND there’s a tin whistle. Fully fledged, verified, blue tick of a bop.

ITALY: Måneskin – Zitti E Buoni

I don’t think I’ve ever heard Italian rock before, but DAMN I know I’m in love! Like, it’s not ‘Eurovision does rock’, it’s full-on, balls to the wall, actual rock. Does anyone else do that thing where you hear a song so good it makes you pull a face like you smell something really bad? Just me? Well, this makes me do that and headbang. It’s G O O D.

DENMARK: Fyr & Flamme – Øve Os På Hinanden

Serving you Pontins 1984 in synthetic fabrics, Fyr & Flamme remind me why I love Eurovision so much. It’s cheesy, pop-tastic and sounds so, well, Eurovision-y and it’s downright glorious. If we did aerobics, we’d do it to this, collapsing to the floor in a sweaty mess at the big finish!

UNITED KINGDOM: James Newman – Embers

OK, so that thing we say about backing it because we have to… maybe only half true this year. I wasn’t keen on the song on the first few listens, and now I’ve moved to not minding it, so that’s progress. I’m really hoping the production is better for the live performances as it all sounds a little tinny at the moment. However, it’s much more upbeat than some of our previous efforts and I can get on board with that.

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FINLAND: Blind Channel – Dark Side

You know us well enough by now to know that this was going to feature in our top five, right?! Now adopted as Mission Eurovision’s official theme tune and entrance music, this is a fat slice of nu-metal fun. Love the grunts, love the guitar pounding, love the jumping around energy. Take a shot!

Come on, you didn’t think we could contain ourselves to just five did you? Honourable mentions go to…

LITHUANIA: The Roop – Discoteque

The Roop are back and they’ve brought more of their funky dance moves with them. This song is fun and a good solid bop, and has had me tying my fingers in knots for weeks.

ICELAND: Daði og Gagnamagnið – 10 Years

Daði was so going to win last year, and it’s really hard to not compare this year’s entry to Think about Things. That said, this is still a disco-tastic song with a killer drum fill! It’s another song that comes with dance moves and that makes me very happy, and I really hope the firework synths make an appearance on the main stage.

RUSSIA: Manizha – Russian Woman

I know. It’s Russia. But [whispers] it’s good.